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Best Cancer Hospital is meant for anyone who wants to seek  information on cancer via the world wide web. This is not a profitable organisation and we do not charge for our information.  The information distributed in this website is written by scholars who want to contribute advice and facts to our readers. We hope the public benefits from this program since its launch in 2014. You can call this a community site where information helps to save lives.

The objective of running this program is to help patients around the world to seek treatment. Currently we will be uploading information about cancer hospitals in Malaysia. We are truly sorry not being able to cover every single part of Malaysia so our information will be mostly concentrated in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Melaka.

Hope for Cancer Patients

Top 10 Cancer Hospital in Malaysia

Here are the top 10 cancer hospitals in Malaysia. The information over here will help patients to decide which hospital they want to seek treatment. Besides from finding the best cancer hospital, you might want to consider the medical cost involved. Cancer is a long term battle and be ready because the total expenses will be very expansive.

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Singapore Cancer Hospital- Mount Elizabeth Hospital

One of the best hospital in Singapore. Mount Elizabeth houses an integrated network of specialists in medical, surgical,radiation, haematological and paediatric oncology in close collaboration with our highly skilled nursing teams and counsellors.

We offer a comprehensive approach to cancer screening, treatment and support including:

  • Cancer Screening
  • Medical Oncology
  • Paediatric Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Palliative Care

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Cancer Hospital Malaysia- Subang Jaya Medical Centre

Previously known as the Sime Darby Medical Centre  Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, the joint venture with Ramsay Health Care established the current Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) on the 26th March 2013.  Subang Jaya Medical Centre is a multi disciplinary tertiary hospital housing around 400 beds and is cradled in the centre of Subang Jaya, about half an hour drive from KLIA ( Kuala Lumpur International Airport). The hospital caters to both local and foreign patients. Within the vicinity are prestigious hotels  for those seeking  accommodation.

subang jaya medical centre

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Cancer Hospital Malaysia Gleneagles

Gleneagles Cancer Hospital . Provide the best treatment for cancer patients.

Established in 1997, Gleneagles Oncology- Cancer Centre (GOC) is committed to providing Malaysians and patients around the region with cost-effective, safe and high quality cancer care in a pleasant and compassionate atmosphere.

Our team of oncologists, nurses, medical physicist and radiation therapists are all experienced and well-skilled in their respective fields. They are always ready to assist and advise on the various aspects related to cancer care such as treatment options, side effects of treatment, lifestyle changes, during and post treatment care.

glean eagles medical centre

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Pantai Cancer Institute

The Pantai Cancer Institute that had an humbler beginning as the Oncology  Department in 1981, is currently a centre for excellence in the treatment of cancer. It made history when it introduced the Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) in June 2013, hence propelling the institute as the first radiation oncology centre to provide this service for cancer sufferers. Located close to the city centre and situated in Bangsar, the hospital provides services and facilities that promote medical tourism from across the globe, especially from South East Asian countries and the Middle East.

Beacon International Specialist Centre

Located in the comfortable Petaling Jaya vicinity is Beacon International Specialist Centre. It started operations towards the end of 2005 and is committed to treatment of Cancer patients using the latest technology in medical treatment. Equipped with an inpatient facility, with daycare wards and preventive health screening facilities, Beacon International Specialist Centre boasts of providing high quality patient care and diagnostic services.To facilitate PET/CT scanning, the hospital has invested in a sophisticated equipment called Cyclotron, which produces FDG. Further to treating Cancer patients, Beacon International Specialist Centre partners with other hospitals and foreign agencies in investing in new technologies; thus promoting medical tourism. Health screening packages conducted by the hospital enables early and accurate diagnosis of cancer symptoms and growths.



Mount Mariam Cancer Hospital

Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital is in Tanjong Bungah, a seaside surburb with spectacular landscape on Penang Island, towards the north of Peninsula Malaysia. The hospital is dedicated to healthcare services since 1976. It’s a non-profit, single-disciplined organisation  equipped with Linear Accelerators, PET and CT Scanners as well as other Cancer diagnostic tools. Their philosophy is service to God through helping and treating Cancer patients.

mount mariam

Among services

  1. Tomotherapy is an advanced form of IMRT combined with scanning technology.  With this all in one machine, accuracy of radiating powerful beams to reach hard to reach tumours is made possible, using built-in scanners to determine shape and location of tumours before every treatment.
  2. Brachytherapy is a radiotherapy technique used to treat prostrate cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, bronchial cancer, oesophageal cancer, brain cancer, neck cancer, as well as soft tissue sarcoma and other cancers.  It directs targeted radiation to shrink tumours  while dosage is controlled to minimise damage to surrounding healthy tissues

Cancer and Prevention

Cancers do not develop overnight and is quite predictable. How one goes on with one’s daily life can help reduce risks , especially for those who are in the high risk groups. There are great tips available to those interested on how to prevent cancer.

By avoiding certain foods mostly processed with additives, fermented in salt or microwaved , one can ward off a number of cancers. Fried, baked and roasted foods are also not really good for those in the high risk groups. Foods, such as fresh fish, broccoli, Brazil nuts, garlic, tomatoes, scallions, olive oil, muskmelons, blueberries, grapes, kiwi fruit and artichokes, contain antioxidants that prevent cancers. Avoid meat with high levels of saturated fats. Grilling and barbecuing meat too can give rise to cancer causing agents and great care must be taken when one grills meat. Coating meat with a thick marinade before grilling reduces the build up of cancer causing products in grilled meat. Organic foods are safer as they do not contain pesticides, fungicides and hormones that are linked to cancers.

health foods 2



health foods 3
Drinking enough water reduces the chances of contracting bladder cancer and    green tea is believed to protect against a variety of cancers. Fresh lemonade and    limeade also cut the risks of cancers. Beers and alcohol in moderate amounts          are beneficial in preventing cancers but in excess can cause cancer.


health foods 4


A vitamin D calcium supplement or multivitamin and multimineral supplement, taken on a regular basis too helps prevent cancers by boosting the immune system. However exposure to mild sunlight for about 15 minutes can enhance the build up of vitamin D as well, and that will ensure that calcium is absorbed from one’s daily diet by the body. During sunbathing one must avoid the UV radiation as it can cause skin cancer. Sunscreen lotion recommended by the dermatologist should be used to prevent damage to the skin at the beach.

suntan                                                                      walking

Avoid spraying pesticides to weed off dandelions in the front lawn and take a 30 minute walk after dinner every evening and don’t forget to interact and socialise with friends and relatives to reduce stress. Wear clothing that need not be dry-cleaned. Case studies have also shown that those with multiple sex partners are at greater risk, so it is advisable to use condoms to ward off cancers!


What is Cancer

What is Cancer ?

Cancer is a tumour caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells during mitotic cell division. Cancer can affect just about any organ in the body, even the eye! It is termed malignant tumour because it can invade other parts of the body through the blood circulatory system and develop new growths , obstructing the functions of organs of the system there as well. This process of spreading is termed metastasis. It is however differentiated from benign tumours that do not spread and are more localised in growth. Though benign tumours do not pose a real threat to life, they can grow bigger and cause pain and obstruction to organ functions which calls for removal of the benign tumour. However benign tumours in the brain can be fatal due to its ability to cause strokes and it is recommended that they be removed without fail. Each cancer is unique with its own cause, symptoms and methods of treatment.

Most common Cancers.

The following are commonly found in cancer sufferers today according to frequency

  1.  Lung Cancer
  2.  Breast Cancer
  3.  Cervical Cancer  Nasopharyngeal Cancer
  4.  Colorectal Cancer ( colon and rectal cancer )
  5.  Cervical Cancer
  6.  Prostate Cancer
  7.  Endometrial Cancer
  8.  Melanoma ( skin cancer )
  9.  Leukemia
  10.  Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  11.  Liver Cancer
  12.  Brain Cancer
  13.  Thyroid Cancer
  14.  Bladder Cancer
  15.  Kidney Cancer
  16.  Germ Cell Cancer  ( Testicular and Ovarian Cancers )
  17.  Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Cancer risk factors Some people are more prone to Cancers due to genetic factors while others risk getting it due to lifestyle and habits , like smoking, drug addiction, diet, alcohol consumption and sexual behaviour. No doubt environmental conditions like, radiation exposure including UV radiation of the sun, air pollution and consumption of food and water contaminated with carcinogens, can also contribute to cancer.

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